Jammin ‘100 (2022)

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Artist Title
1 D-Train Walk on by
2 Planet Patrol (ex nr.1) Play at your own risk
3 Kashif (ex nr. 1) I just gotta have you
4 Shannon (ex nr. 1) Let the music play
5 Captain Rapp Bad times
6 Advance (ex nr. 1) Take me to the top
7 Barkays She talks to me with her body
8 Komiko Feel allright
9 Stone (ex nr.1) Time
10 Teri Jones Do it again
11 Divine Sounds What people do for money
12 Unlimited Touch Searching to find the one
13 C.O.D. (ex nr.1) In the bottle
14 Curtis Hairston I want you all tonight
15 Mike & Brenda Sutton Don’t let go of me
16 SOS Band Just be good to me
17 Starpoint Bring your sweet lovin’ back
18 Charades Gimme the funk
19 Cherrelle When you look in my eyes
20 Pink Rhythm Can’t get enough of your love
21 Alexander O’Neal Critisize
22 B B & Q Band Riccochet
23 Chocolate Milk Who’s getting it now
24 Man Parrish & Freeze Force Crew Boogie down Bronx
25 Melba Moore Mind up tonight
26 Strike One You can’t touch me anymore
27 Deodato SOS fire in the sky
28 Double Vision Clock on the wall
29 D-Train Keep on
30 Jody Watley Don’t you want me
31 Larry Wu Let me show you
32 Luther Vandross Never too much
33 MC Fosty C & Lovin’ C Radio activity rapp
34 Rene & Angela I’ll be good
35 Shannon Give me tonight
36 World Premiere Share the night
37 Change Glow of love
38 Kleeer Never cry again
39 Lillo Thomas You’re a good girl
40 Limit Say yeah
41 Loose Ends Emergency dial 999
42 Nick Straker Band Straight ahead
43 O’Bryan Lovelite
44 Stephanie Mills You can’t run from my love
45 Tony Scott Love let love
46 Chemise She can’t love you
47 Eugene Wilde Personality
48 Gary’s Gang Knock me out
49 Gayl Adams Love fever
50 Hashim Al Naayfish
51 High Fashion Break up
52 Jocelyn Brown I wish you would
53 Melba Moore (ex nr 1) Love’s comin’ at ya
54 Oliver Cheatham Get down on Saturday night
55 Rose Royce Best love
56 Spence Get it on
57 Thelma Houston You used to hold me so tight
58 Tyrone Brunson The Smurf
59 Windjammer Tossin and turnin’
60 George Benson Inside love
61 Adele Bertei Build me a bridge
62 Alton Edwards Spend some time with you
63 Basis Black Nothin’ but a party
64 Cameo Candy
65 Class Action Weekend
66 Colonel Abrams I’m not gonna let
67 Delegation It’s your turn
68 Five Star Love take over
69 Glenn Jones Meet me halfway there
70 Junior Mama used to say
71 Kashif Baby don’t break your baby’s heart
72 Linda Taylor You and me
73 Loose Ends Hangin’ on a string
74 Men at Play Dr. Jam
75 Nocera Summertime summertime
76 NV It’s allright
77 Raw Silk Do it to the music
78 Ritchie Family I’ll do my best for you baby
79 Sharon Brown Specialize in love
80 Skyy Show me the way
81 Starpoint Object of my desire
82 System, the This is for you
83 Xena On the upside
84 Atlantic Starr You hit the spot
85 Luther Vandross Super lady
86 Aurra Checkin’ you out
87 Brandi Wells Watch out
88 Carrie Lucas Show me where you comin’ from
89 Cool Runners Play the game
90 Gino Soccio Try it out
91 Joyce Sims Come into my life
92 Love Club Hot summernights
93 Michael Jonzun Burnin’ up
94 Midnight Star Midas touch
95 Pure Energy Love game
96 SOS Band The finest
97 Taana Gardner Heartbeat
98 Teena Marie It must be magic
99 Cool Notes, the Spend the night
100 Fat Larry’s Band Act like you know


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