Ingrid Elting

Ingrid Elting is a female DJ from the Netherlands.

She has been playing synthesizers since her childhood and produces Dance music now for over more then 25 years.
She was a resident DJ of her own club the Tabù in the Hague and learned to DJ from several famous DJ’s.
At the age of 18 Ingrid took some synthesizer lessons and later at 24 she took part at the (SAE)
School of Audio Engineering in Amsterdam. From this moment on she was sure that she wanted to
enter the Music Business !
At het moment she works together with her husband at the Vinyl Room Studio, located at their
own house, where she is cutting Vinyl Records and Lacquers for some pressing plants in Europe.

Music genre:
Dance – House- Melodic House- Techhouse- Jackin’ –
Soulful House – EDM – Funky Disco


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